I just wanted to share with you my feelings on the new program. It was a pleasure to walk in Fallone's yesterday and see the changes taking place. I have always thought the teachers/staff at Fallone's do an excellent job getting the children outside to play aw weather permits. You have taken this one step further by providing the children with instructional Physical fitness. I strongly support your ideas to teach the children the importance of physical activity.

Yesterday, I went downstairs to the turf to pick up my son. Mr. John was teaching the children some tumbling. Jake turned to him and said "What are we doing next?" Fortunately, for me, his response was "we are all done for today. The kids are going back upstairs." My son said "good because I don't want to miss anything!" I know I would have had a hard time getting him to leave if they weren't done. Today at the dinner table Jake was talking about how they did some sit-ups and somersaults. It is really nice to see his excitement over the new program. Kudos to Mr. John.

I hope the program continues to keep its momentum. The children will benefit greatly. Thanks for keeping it fun and exciting for the kids.

-- Melissa Delaney

It was such a wonderful surprise when I was hired at 8 months pregnant for a new position. Unfortunately, that meant that our son would have to be put in daycare at just 6 weeks old; my husband and I were panicked! Wonderfully, we knew about Fallone's from my sister-in-law, whose boys have been going there since they were infants. They always spoke so highly of Fallone's Funtime Center - the boys even ask to be picked up later so they can spend more time with their friends and teachers. We were so blessed when there was an opening in the infant's room. From Day 1, our little guy has had THE BEST care possible. Linda and Lisa have been true angels; not only do they keep our boy safe when we are at work, but they also provide enrichment opportunities through arts and crafts (even at just months old!), exercise, and music. Being a teacher myself, I truly appreciate everything that the teachers at Fallone's do. It's not just daycare - it's a learning experience unlike any other childcare provider out there. In fact, my husband and I just sold our house and are moving into either the Churchville-Chili or Spencerport school districts because of the transportation service offered for Fallone's. This way, our boy can continue learning and growing with Fallone's Funtime Center for many years to come. Highly recommend this wonderful place to ANYONE who is looking for daycare for their children. It is the best of the best of the best!

-- Joanna White

Dear Ms. B & Staff

Thank you for a thoroughly wonderful summer for Robert. I do not think enough families realize what you do for our children besides provide "daycare". Robert's new saying is " I need to talk it through" when he has issues making him angry. I attribute this to Ms. B personally and all the wonderful staff. Looking forward to the days off.

-- Kim Jurzysta

When we found out we were pregnant with twins, the hunt for daycare begun. I had mixed feelings about what type of daycare I wanted. I liked the idea of “in home” where my twins would develop a close relationship with their caregiver and I had close contact with the “owner” of the daycare. I also wanted the safety and security of a larger center and not having to find backup care if my provider was sick or on vacation. Fallone’s is the perfect mix. You have the security of a larger daycare center but the personal touch similar to that of an in-home sitter since it is a family owned facility. It’s very reassuring to speak with the owner face to face, whenever needed, and have a daycare center that does not have to “speak to corporate” to make decisions. My twins have been going to Fallone’s since they were 6 months old and love it! I am amazed everyday what my children are learning and how wonderful the staff is with them (and me). My kids talk about their teachers at home and look forward to seeing them, that alone speaks volumes of the type of care provided. I know sending your children to daycare, where they are with someone else for 8 hrs a day can be a tough decision, but Fallone’s is a top notch place and I feel secure that my children are being cared for and educated at the highest standards. I highly recommend them to any family looking for a loving place to watch their children.

-- The O'Brien Family

Miss B. and the Fallone's staff has been taking care of my our daughter for about 5 years now and she feels like she's "one of the family" there. They offer great opportunities and activities while continuously demonstrating how much they really care for your child. Summer's are awesome!! Our daughter likes going there so much that she says when she gets older she wants to be a Counselor in Training. We highly recommend Fallone's Funtime Center.

-- Perez Family

My children have been attending Fallone's for 5 years. The family atmosphere and knowledgeable staff has not only helped my children grow, but also me as a parent. It is nice to have the same teachers for both my children. As an educator, I feel the curriculum is developmentally appropriate for the differt aged classrooms, and prepares children for the academic and social demands of school. My son was very well prepared for Kindergarten and has been successful. My 3 year old daughter often shares with me the many themes she learns in the classroom. We have made lasting friendships with many families we have met at Fallone's. We are happy to be part of the family and highly recommend the facitlty to everyone looking for quality care.

-- Walter Family

Fallones's Funtime Center offers a family-centered environmnet which fosters rich opportunities for socialization and learning as well as strong character development. My family has belonged to Fallone's for over four years. My four and a half year old daughter is currently blossoming in the Pre K2 class and my two and a half year old son is thriving in the Toddler 2 room. I can't speak highly enough about the care and attention that my children have received over the years. Whether it's a hug, an exciting art product, a conversation about what it means to be a friend, marching parades, group time on the carpet for an engaging story, my children look forward to their daily adventures at school. Fallone's has provided us with fun times, precious friendships and a strong foundation to build on in the years ahead.

-- The Williams Family

We have been a part of Fallone's Funtime Center for over three years now. My son Trevor loves coming everyday and has many wonderful friends. The staff is very caring and sincere and always willing to make time to speak with you if you have questions or concerns. The structure in the classroom has allowed Trevor to thrive and everyday he shares what he has learned that day. We have tried other daycares in the past for Trevor's older sister and they do not compare to Fallones's Funtime Center. I definitely have peace of mind everyday when I drop Trevor off and have to go to work. Iknow he is in great hands!

-- Melissa Gentle

My second son Kyle is now 7 years old in second grade. He has attended Fallone's Funtime Center since he was about 8 weeks old. He has always loved both the staff and activities. In fact, many of the teachers he has had in preschool are still with the center today and get to interact with the after school children also. He likes the field trips that are planned for days that they are out of school. We, as parents, love the character building that his teachers do with the children. I feel that the staff are truly parental replacements for the time that I cannot be with him. Bernice and her team should be commended for the work they do and the attention they pay to the children's development. I would never think of sending Kyle anywhere else!

-- Karen J Kline

Fallone's Funtime Center is like a second home for our family. Our daughters have attended Fallone's for 3 and 1/2 years and we have been very satisfied with the standard of care, cleanliness, and loving environment provided. The preschool curriculum, knowledgeable teachers, and enrichment activities are phenomenal. The center also offers a dance class for my four year old and we couldn't be happier with the exceptional vacation/summer camp for school age children complete with well planned field trips and activities that my daughter raves about! The director and staff truly care and we have, and will continue to recommend Fallone's to others!

-- Tim and Jill Warner

Our son has been with Fallone's for almost one year. He started attending Fallone's when he was 3 months in the infant room. Our experience in the infant room has been nothing but positive. The teachers help reinforce all our wishes and values and treat our son as if he was their own. Obviously, leaving your child brings anxiety and second thoughts. We were reassured we made the right choice when we saw how happy our child was.

-- Adam and Mindy

My family moved to Rochester when my daughter Ella was 9 months old. We visited Fallone's and immediately loved the atmosphere. However, due to high demand there was a waiting list. So we entered Ella in another daycare in the area. One day we were called there was an opening at Fallone's. Being pregnant with our second child there was a very important decision we had to make. Did we want to maintain stability for Ella and leave her in her current daycare? Or did we take the chance and move her to a daycare we just could not stop thinking about? We decided to make the move and in September 2007 we joined the Fallone's Family. I use the word "Family" quite literally. Ella was accepted and loved from the moment she walked in the door. Within weeks she was hugging all the teachers she passed in route from the front door to her room. When Grace was born there was no question in my mind that she would have the same experience at Fallone's. I knew that each day, Ella and Grace would be learning valuable lessons and having fun while they did it. Now Ella, 3 years old, cries when I tell her it is Saturday and there is no "school" today!

-- Rachel Beckstein

We love Fallone's. This is our second time in the infant room and we couldn't be any happier. It's a great feeling knowing the same teacher was here for my four year old and still here for my 3 month old. I have great confidence in Fallone's that when I drop my son off he is in great hands. I know from past experience with my four year old son, they have helped me through all the stages of early childhood development. What 8 week old comes home with art work? Ours did!!! I would recommend Fallone's to anyone, it's a home away from home.

-- Renee Emanuele

We have been at Fallone's Funtime Center for a year and a half and it feels more like a family than a daycare. We had a great experience in the infant room with Mrs. Linda. I don't know who loved her more, Ryan or us!!! Ryan loves the social interaction with the kids and his development has reached far past our expectations. He loves the craft projects, singing and reading. It is great balance of early education and social interaction for him. Everytime I ask him who he wants to see at school he says his teachers. We know ryan is in good hands when we drop him off, which is a great comfort to us seeing that he is there during the week more than at home. We think Miss Bernice is doing a great job with her kids and the facility.

-- The Hanleys

Our son Owen, has been a part of the Fallone's Family since he was 3 months old and is now 3 years old. Since his time at Fallone's Funtime Center he has had the best possible care from the most wonderful teachers. They all truly love and care for him, and I feel at ease knowing that he is being taken care of the way I would want him to be. Owen is very happy and looks forward to going everyday to play with his friends and to learn new things. We love Fallone's and wouldn't want our son to be anywhere else.

-- The Silsbees

My wife Teresa and I visited a number of daycare facilities prior to choosing Fallone's Funtime Center. We were both initially very impressed by the cleanliness and safe, secure feeling of the center. Only after Emily started did we realize what a friendly and caring staff they have. It meant everything to us that Teresa could go back to work knowing our daughter was safe, happy, and having fun. As she has grown and advanced into new rooms each teacher has continued to provide her with a structured environment while including lots of singing, dancing, reading, art projects, positive interaction with other children and love. We are kept well informed by the teachers each day while she is dropped off and picked up. We also enjoy looking at her end of the day reports regarding how she slept, ate, played etc... We had our second child in May and have absolutely no reservations or concerns about the care she will receive at Fallone's.

-- Mike Murney

Our son has been at Fallone's since he was four months old. From the day we first visited the center we knew that Fallone's was the daycare for him. The staff is caring and attentive and always has the best interest of the child in mind. The structured activities in the early childhood rooms prepared him for elementary school and the after school program gives him a safe place to do homework and play. The summer program is filled with field trips and on-site activities that coincide with theme based weeks. The center encourages and welcomes family involvement by sponsoring several activities throughout the year. When staying at home isn't an option, rest assured that Fallone's will provide a caring, safe, and fun environment for your child.

-- Kristina Allison

When our sitter told us she could not watch our then 3 year old daughter, Leah, anymore because she had to return to work, there was only one place that came to mind. FALLONE'S FUNTIME CENTER! My Uncle and Aunt used to bring their 2 children to Fallone's when they were living nearby, and they had only good things to say! Our experience has been wonderful! There is never a day when I drop our daughter off that I am concerned about the hands she is in. Fallone's has taught her so much. The teachers are very caring, and truly take an interest in the children. They make them feel so special! Leah has met so many friends and really enjoys all of the fun activites. Fallone's is like a second family to us. I would highly recommend Fallone's to anyone looking for a center to take great care of their pride and joys!

-- Marron Family