School Age Children Daycare:
For Ages 6 to 12 Years

Program Goals and Objectives

Provide developmentally appropriate activities; crafts and games which challenge the children and interest them:

Friendships:  centers, crafts, activities, and games as a group.

Teamwork:  helping one another, working on projects together such as making things for hospitals, visiting nursing homes, putting on plays for parents, etc. 

Responsibility and Independence:  making choices and decisions on their own that will benefit themselves as well as others.

  • Provide themselves with proper clothing when going outside
  • Washing hands and feet
  • Pick up after themselves, put toys away, clean up after meals
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Encourage children to think a problem through
  • Encourage children to look at alternatives and consequences when making a decision
  • Express feelings verbally and positively
  • Encourage children to participate in art, games, crafts, sports, etc.
  • Praise children and provide opportunities for success
  • Provide a variety of choices
  • Role model behavior and attitude
  • Encourage children to interact with others
  • Offer guidance when needed
  • Encourage children to work through conflicts in a positive way
  • Encourage children to take responsibility of cleaning classroom tables, toys, floors, chalkboards, etc.
  • Provide opportunities for children to visit younger classrooms, to read to them and play with them.