Preschool Childcare:
For Ages 3 - 4 Years Old

Program Goals and Objectives

Provide a safe, loving environment in which children are offered choices and are introduced to more challenging centers and activities.

Caregivers will provide centers that interest and challenge the children in areas such as social, emotional, cognitive and physical, math, language, science, problem solving and decision making. The childcare/daycare center has a play oriented curriculum with academic goals as well. As children become preschoolers, caregivers begin to prepare them for kindergarten. Childcare programs are developed by obtaining information about kindergarten testing from the local districts. The information obtained from school districts is integrated into the curriculum and offered through challenging activities and center oriented play in the classroom.

Children learn and develop at their own level and are not rushed when engaging in any activities or play. The children are free to choose what interests them and are offered a reasonable amount of time to complete anything they start. Caregivers do not set limits on activities or play, but do try to rotate to expose children to different activities they may wish to engage in.

Specific Program Goals:

A. Language Goals: Providing ways in which children communicate their feelings in a positive way by exposing them to books, music, and positive role modeling.

   * Caregivers listen to children's opinions
   * Speak to children at eye level
   * Help children use correct words in a positive manner, especially when expressing emotions
   * Enhancing language skills through books, songs, finger plays, puppets and dramatic play
   * Practicing language skills and encouraging children to ask questions and express themselves
   * Exposing children to tape stories and a mini-library in which they can listen and play stories themselves.

B. Cognitive Development: Providing activities to enhance children's thoughts and develop problem solving and decision making skills.

  * role modeling    * ordering    * measuring
  * following directions    * sorting    * counting
  * puzzles    * filling    * recognizing shapes
  * building blocks    * matching    * recognizing sizes
  * modeling with clay    * dumping    * recognizing colors
  * experiments & paintings    * legos    * recognizing money

C. Self-Help/Self Esteem: Our childcare facility provides learning experiences and activities which develop a sense of self-esteem and independence.

     * Button and zipper      * choose stories and toys
     * tie shoes      * helper in classroom
     * setting table      * put toys away
     * eat with utensils      * clean up after self
     * wash hands and face      * dress and undress self

D. Social/Emotional: Our daycare allows children interacting and playing with one another in a positive way; expressing their feelings and learning how to solve conflicts in a positive way.

    * Caregivers interact with children by listening, communicating, and engaging in play with them
    * Caregivers acknowledge the children's feelings and help them deal with emotional conflict
    * Setting limits in the classroom and allowing children to communicate and help set rules
    * Role modeling showing children how to treat one another and respect each other
    * Provide a positive environment in which children help each other and use teamwork type of approach in solving
    * Caregivers allow children to solve problems on their own by mediating the conflict and showing children how to
      use positive words instead of actions to resolve conflicts

E. Physical Skills/Coordination: Childcare provides play and activities which strengthen gross motor and fine skills as well as challenging the children.

   * running    * throwing    * building    * climbing   * buttoning
   * skipping    * catching    * dumping    * hopping   * tying
   * jumping    * pouring    * stacking    * zippering   * pulling toys
   * kicking    * filling    * dancing    * riding toys  
   * sorting    * sliding    * snapping    * balance beams  

F. Educational/Creativity:  Daycare provides activities which allow the children to use their own imagination and express their feelings through the creative arts process.

    * Providing chalk, markers, crayons, for coloring and drawing
    * Painting with water colors and easel paints using brushes and other materials
    * Sculpting, modeling and making clay and play dough
    * Cutting and pasting projects
    * Printing with various types of objects
    * Using food coloring to change the colors of liquids and other substances
    * Using all types of materials from home and school to create collages and other different creations

G. Sensory Experiences: Childcare provides materials that offer hands on experiences which foster the children's creativity.

    * Coloring water and playing water play
    * Oatmeal/rice/pasta table
    * Pudding and colored shaving cream play
    * Simple cooking experience
    * Natural objects/nature walks
    * Bubbles-experimenting with soapy water
    * Music/musical instruments
    * Snow/sand/ice table
    * Games/sampling objects and foods
    * Science table and center with hands on experiments, measuring, weighing and textured objects
    * Math table and center with problem solving problems activities such as counting, weighing etc.

Our childcare/daycare center will provide the support your children need.