Permanent Dismissal of a Child

The permanent dismissal of a child from Fallone's Funtime Center, Inc. will take place if he/she poses any threat to the other children or staff members in the room. If a child is biting others repeatedly and we have used all our behavior management techniques and all our capabilities to help the child; if he/she is still biting and hurting others, the child will be dismissed from the center.

If a child is continuously punching, kicking, or hurting other children or staff members, he/she will be dismissed from the center.

If a child refuses to follow the rules in the classroom, and the rules of the daycare center, causing a threat to his/her own safety and the safety of others, they will be dismissed from the center.

It is our responsibility to care for your children, look out for their best interests and foresee / protect them from any dangerous situations. Please help us by working as a team and enforcing these rules and regulations at Fallone's Funtime Center, Inc. We are all striving to make a better place for our children.

Thank You.

Bernice Fallone