C.I.T. Program

The C.I.T. Program is available to 13yr olds - 15yr olds. It gives a chance for our young kids to actually work at Fallone's Childcare Center and earn credits for pay.

Below are a few of the C.I.T. Responsibilities:

  1. Help get snack in kitchen with a cleared teacher.
  2. Help pass out snack if others need assistance (use of gloves) and make juice.
  3. Pick up snacks when children are finished.
  4. Wipe down tables/chairs & sweep.
  5. Take garbage out with teacher supervision.
  6. Help teachers organize group games, plan daily routines for children with teacher, interact with children during physical group games, story time, board & card games and arts & crafts.

Contact the childcare facility to learn more on this program.